by Mallory Edson (Internship) 2012


Undergraduate Service Learning Opportunity

30 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the ALLIED ARTS FUND of St. Joseph.


Theatre & Cinema Internship

In partnership with business and community agencies, students apply theory and skill to real-world situations, gaining professionally supervised work experience related to the major area of interest. The student works with and reports to an internship director to develop objectives related to the discipline and carry out those responsibilities. May be repeated for credit.


Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph

The Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph, Missouri exists to bring arts and people together. Founded in 1963, the council is one of the oldest in the state of Missouri. As an umbrella agency, the council assists with scheduling, funding, and marketing for all member agencies. Operated with a staff of four, the council takes the lead in organizing, fundraising, advocating, and educating the local arts community.


Allied Arts Council Internship Position Description


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