by Jeremy Lyons (MAA Thesis / PORTAL) 2014

Graduate Service Learning Project

In Their Own Words: An Oral History of African-Americans in St. Joseph

30 minute film featuring interviews with members of the African-American community in St. Joseph. Local residents share their personal stories and observations of life in St. Joseph and how it changed as a result of the Civil Rights Movement.


Master of Applied Arts in Digital Media Thesis

Supervisor/Thesis Committee Chair:

Kelly Wittenberg, MFA, Assistant Professor of Cinema

The MASTER’S THESIS is the culmination of study for the Master of Applied Arts in Digital Media graduate program. Students must satisfy both a written component consisting of an in-depth scholarly examination of a particular topic which makes a significant original contribution to the field, and a final creative project demonstrating synthesis of knowledge obtained from the program of study. The thesis and creative project must be presented and defended before the student’s graduate committee.


Program of Teaching, Research, and Applied Learning (PORTAL)

Supervisor/Faculty Mentor:

William Church, PhD, Assistant Professor of English

The Program of Research, Teaching, and Applied Learning (PORTAL), at Missouri Western State University, is an internal grant program that offers opportunities for faculty to engage during the summer in scholarly activities that provide credit‐bearing applied learning experiences for students.


Black Archives Museum

The Black Archives Museum showcases the achievements and contributions of St. Joseph’s African-American citizens. Exhibits span the Civil War, jazz legends known worldwide, sports heroes and local individuals whose civic and community leadership have changed our lives.


Museum to Host Movie Screening (St. Joseph News-Press article)

In Their Own Words Website


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