Kelly Wittenberg, MFA

Assistant Professor of Cinema

Student Work List & Assignment Descriptions


1. Convey the Impossible: Impossible by Gabriel Barton (Intro to Video) 2014

2. PSA: Teen Suicide by Nathan Pickman (Intro to Video) 2012

3. Convey the Impossible: BagHead by Stephen Cellar (Intro to Video) 2006

4. Music Video: Friends by Kelsey Houser (Intro to Video) 2011

5. Convey the Impossible: Nocturna by Amanda Finn (Intro to Video) 2005

6. Convey the Impossible: Say Goodbye by John Cranston (Intro to Video) 2005

7. Music Video: Heather by Campbell Walters (Intro to Video) 2002

8. Music Video: Untitled by Fred Johnson (Intro to Video) 2004

9. Final: Noir by Jeanna Ross & Mallory Edson (Advanced Digital Filmmaking) 2010

10. Self Portrait: Natural Sin by Matthew Long (Intro to Video) 2003

11. Convey the Impossible: The Impossible by Ron Rinehart (Intro to Video) 2014

12. PSA: Underage Drinking by Elliot Swope (Intro to Video) 2012

13. PSA: Equality by Jourdan Ryan (Intro to Video) 2013

14. PSA: Crash by Ryan Leip (Intro to Video) 2013

15. PSA: Protect Your Melon by Derek Rice (Intro to Video) 2013

16. Recreate a Masterpiece: Joseph the Carpenter by Josh Comninellis & Karl Wellenkoetter (Advanced Digital Filmmaking) 2010

17. Recreate a Masterpiece: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Laura Baum & Sara Baum (Advanced Digital Filmmaking) 2010


Assignment Descriptions for Student Work

Music Video

This is the first video assignment in Intro to Video. The Music Video is intended primarily as an exercise to learn basic picture editing techniques and gain hands-on experience with both the camera and nonlinear editing. Each student must create a three to five minute music video using pre-recorded music. Attempting to “lip sync” is to be avoided, rather students are asked to concentrate on telling a story with images that relates to the music or enhances it in some way.

Convey the Impossible

Each student creates a three to five minute video that will Convey the Impossible using only minimal special effects, such as those readily available in the nonlinear editing program. Students must find a creative solution to employ manual tricks during production, juxtapose shots during editing, or create content that is abstract rather than literal.

Self Portrait

For this assignment, students may interpret the Self Portrait literally or solve the problem conceptually. Also three to five minutes. Sometimes given as the final project for the term.

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Students create a 30 to 60 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) using either a real non-profit organization or by making up a fake organization. Students may attempt comedy or choose a more serious approach. Students do not interact with real clients: this is a mock PSA. Sometimes given as the final project for the term.

Recreate a Masterpiece

Using the time-based medium of video, students must recreate the lighting of a master painting from the canon of art history. Where is the source of light and how is it motivated? Did something happen right before this moment that was captured in paint and light, something that led up to it? Creative solutions to these questions incorporate movement to achieve the emotional quality of the original.

Final Assignment for Advanced Digital Filmmaking

Students create a three to five minute video that combines research on cinematography with specific techniques learned from class lighting exercises.



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