Totipotency (2015)

Experimental Digital Film

(Writer • Director • Cinematographer • Editor)




Collaboration with Audio Composer David D. McIntire, DMA, Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Audio Recording, Missouri Western State University, and Michelle Allen McIntire.
This film explores abstract notions of potential in the natural world from the viewpoint of a mother to be, as her hopes, dreams, and imagination appear both on her body and as changes in her surroundings.
In the natural world, cell potency is defined as the capacity of a single cell to differentiate into other cell types. Not all cells are equally potent, and the activation potential of genes within each cell determines the potency of that cell. Totipotency is used to describe a cell capable of dividing into the greatest number of differentiated cell types within an organism. When sperm and egg unite, the resulting single celled Zygote is Totipotent – capable of differentiating into a potential human being.
Experimental Digital Film using Chroma Key Compositing Technique.
Original HDSLR footage shot on Canon 5D Mark II, with found footage.



E X H I B I T I O N   R E C O R D


2016 Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Film Series Kalamazoo, MI
–Recent Work (August 11, 2016)
2014 University Film & Video Association Annual Conference Bozeman, MT
–Work in Progress Screening (August 7, 2014)





g e n r e / c a t e g o r y :  Experimental, Art, Live Action, Short

w r i t t e n   a n d   d i r e c t e d   b y :  Kelly Wittenberg

s t a r r i n g :  Sarah Hoitsma

o r i g i n a l l y   s h o t   o n :  Canon 5D Mark II HDSLR (Digital)

a r t / d e s i g n / c o n s t r u c t i o n :  Kelly Wittenberg

d i r e c t o r   o f   p h o t o g r a p h y :  Kelly Wittenberg

c a m e r a   a s s i s t a n t s :  George Arnold and Deborah Weems

w o r d s ,   v o c a l s ,   k e y b o a r d s :  Michelle Allen McIntire

c l a r i n e t ,   s a x o p h o n e ,   e l e c t r o n i c s :  David D. McIntire

s o u n d   d e s i g n :  David D. McIntire

v i d e o   e d i t i n g :  Kelly Wittenberg

t o t a l   r u n n i n g   t i m e :  4 minutes